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Saw a whole mess load of comments about on the first 10 pages, but none in the last 10. Figured I'd post my thoughts as well.

I ordered a costume from her. Claus from last exile. Requested two versions, one in silk to use as PJs (came as cheap satin) and another in wool (was made from cotton), to wear at convention.

I drove to Chicago and met her at ACEN2006 in her hotel room for a personalized fitting. I wanted my sizes perfect. Figured no one could size for her costumes better than her.

5 months past my due date, $650 in the hole, I get back two cheap looking costumes sized so small I literally could not put the shirts on.

After another month of trying to email her, and digging up her phone number from her whois registration I finally got a "my pattern making software was bugged. Let me know which pieces didn't fit and I'll get you replacements".

Emailing twice weekly since August 2006 I've finally given up. It's the second time I've been scammed from a commissioner and by far the most expensive.

Please, PLEASE people. Stay FAR away from While she's friendly enough in person, and the costumes she makes for herself and her close friends are AMAZING, her complete lack of professionalism is such a turn off, and her complete disregard for her customers wishes or schedules (which she agrees to before hand) make her the last person on the intarweb I'd ever do business with again.

Oh, and any legit costumers that read this and can do museum quality reproductions (I'm not asking for 100% perfection, but I am willing to pay for whatever your time costs to detail) e-mail me at I still haven't had a chance to cosplay after 2 years of trying to get costumes commisioned and I'm getting to old for dealing with scammers.

EDIT: I should note that I ordered a fuku from her to test her ordering abilities and skill. While not perfect it was done before she took my measurements and I chalked it up to personal error. I'm sure she's not a horrible person, and her work for herself is superb.

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