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Originally Posted by .:Mage.Lulu:. View Post
Quick question - umm, the upgrading account thing; will that have to be paid for? only I know a lot of sites do that but they want a certain amount of money per month/year for the 'perks' and upgrades, will that be the case with this when its up and running? I hope not >.<
As I understand it, upgraded accounts will be paid for. However, you won't lose anything you have now, you'll just gain new stuff.

Originally Posted by LaDyYuNa91 View Post we pay for this? cuz i was told we don't.
how do we put avidatar on our userpix?
how do we put pix of cosplayer on our own cosplay? do we put up pix tat are not 200X200?
how do we make it 200X200?
1. Upgraded accounts, yes. What you have now, no.
2. To upload a forum avatar, go to user cp. For a costume avatar, go to costume cp.
3. Please phrase this in better English, I have no idea what you mean. If you mean upload your cosplay photos, see the photo tutorial thread in this forum.
4. Only avatars must be 200x200. Regular pics must be smaller than 640 on the long end. Go to photo tutorial for more info.
5. Using the crop tool in costume cp.

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