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I've seen this happen to quite a few people, not just cosplayers. I think it's a little creepy what lengths some people will go to just to get others to like them (or in most cases like yours, adore them ). But anyway, watermarking your pics is a good idea. Make sure the watermark is right over you or something though so it makes it very difficult to edit out. Also, you could actually go an say on your profile "this person on MySpace is not me", I've seen people do that. People will know it's you when you post new pics with your new watermarks and maybe explain why they're needed. Also, they'll notice that so-and-so only has old, un-watermarked pictures which will make it even more obvious.

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I kinda fail to see how a watermark will prevent someone from right-clicking your images and saving it on their computer, then posting it elsewhere and claiming it to be theirs. All a watermark does is show the name of the person, but if a thief has gone as far as stealing your picture, what's to stop them from stealing your identity as well? If I watermarked my images with Kuko, someone can still claim to be Kuko somewhere else with my images. That's the problem with anonymity on the internet. Anyone can pretend to be anyone else, regardless of watermarks and other methods of protection. That's the risk you take when you post images of yourself online.
Well, that's true, but if you put maybe the URL of your cosplay profile or something that should help. However, sometimes that's true. Anyone can do anything which some pics... you don't know how many times and in how many different places I've seen Jeff Thomas' ("Azuzephre's") characters "Pon" and "Zi". ^^; Online, on layouts, at my school (someone used an image for an advertizement) , everywhere. And he's expressed how much he hates that, buuut.. I guess some people figure he may not see it and what he doesn't know can't hurt him. Although, from what I can see on his website, he doesn't REALY watermark all his images (like the splash page one with the hugs sign ) and when he does, it's in a spot that can be easily edited out. This one for example. The watermark is there, but I've seen this pic a lot of times with the bottom cropped out. So, I think watermarks are mostly about location and what exactly it says. lol
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