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3 Miyori

I got a pair of boot covers made for my Earth forces Soldier from moble suit gundam . I don't have any pictures because I don't have a digital camera yet. If I find my picture from a convention I will post them.

I don't remeber how long it took but she got them done in a timely matter, months before I needed them.

Pro: The material that she used was beyond my expectation! I didn't know much about fabrics, so I asked her to use something that would match my costume. She used a really thick vinyl and it was absolutely perfect!

Con: A bit slow to respond to emails but that's expected. But usually she replies within 24 hours.

Comment: She demonstrated that she knew her stuff and what she was doing. She really pays attention to detail so I am also commissioning her for another costume. I would recommend her for anyone who is anal about details.
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