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It was fun, wasn't it?
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Dejiko from Di Gi Charat (Dress, hat, mittens, legwarmers) (Different paws and leg pieces shown)

Time: 1 week XD (SUPER FAST)

Pros: As mentioned above, that was BLOODY FAST! The costume is absolutely lovely, everything is nicely serged and finished! It holds up well and everything looks very professional. Great price as well.
She definately got the fabric choice on this dress down. The puff stays puffed and the ruffles stay ruffled. I've worn the hat as casual wear for... 2 years now? And it still looks great!
Cons: The sizing was a bit off. I use 27 inch waist for all of my measurements and for some reason the waist on this turned out loose. Also, while the dress was absolutely amazing, the mittens and paws look like they were an afterthought, just kind of thrown together at the last second. (In cream instead of white, no less) But we just made a new set and all was well.
Comments: The worksmanship and material choice was marvelous. I wouldn't hesitate to get another costume from her in the future!
Just as a note, while the costumes are great on their own, she designs them to be worn with a full petticoat. If you do not already own one, you will need one or the dress will look very... Flat.

Final Grade: A-

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