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Name of Commissioner: HonestDragonChina

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Mithra RSE, Final Fantasy XI Online

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: After months of pestering and contacting the seller again and again I just settled for the option of not doing anything and remaking my costume by taking the bits of costume apart and re-sewing it to actually fit me and be the right colours (more on this later) Therefore I have no photos of the original product but am reviewing as I think people should be aware when getting costumes from them. This is the photo of the costume they used: but this is clearly not what I got, nothing near it- the photo looks lke an official costume from Square Enix (Reason i bought it in the first place)

(how long your order took to process): 2 Months from me paying to costume getting to me.

Pros: One of the very few to offer FFXI costumes for that price. The quality of the actual fabric wasn't bad at all- they used a type of fabric I would have chosen for the costume myself. The Gauntlet bit of the costume (not shown on the photo) was very well made.

Cons: They told me AFTER I paid that they are having a holiday so won't be able to make my costume for atleast a month after I paid. Fair enough, as I wanted the costume quite a bit as it looked great in the photo I was willing to wait. Asked me for my measurements, I make clothes and costumes myself so had no problem with providing that. On the 2nd month of me waiting the costume arrived. Had pencil marks everywhere on the chest, skirt.

The whole costume was lined with a horrible glittery gold fabric that had nothing to do with the actual costume. The gloves that were meant to go under the gauntlets were very small, maybe for a child about 5 years old...I don't have large hands at all but they were wayy to small even for me. And most of all the whole costume (Top, bra type thing on top, skirt) was made for someone about 4 dress sizes bigger than me. (I know this as my friend who's about 2 sizes bigger tried it on but some bits were baggy on her) Same with the leg armour bits, way too big. And the neck piece was very wonky and I could wear the thing as a hat it was massive and nowhere near the size of my neck. Brown accent in the middle of the skirt panels was missing alltogether.

I contacted the commissioner and they accused me of providing the wrong measurements (but I hardly think I can make a mistake so large). After quite a few more emails they agreed to re-make the skirt and top for me. I made sure I measured myself properly and send the measurements.
A month later the replacements came back, about 3cm smaller than the older ones but still much too big for me.

At this point I gave up and decided to pull both costumes apart and use bits from both to make my own costume that actually fitted me as I knew it wasn't going to get sloved by the commisioner. (I pulled the top in, tightened the bra type thing on top, took in the skirt, relined whole costume with the right colour taping, added the brown detail to skirt)

The costume cost me about $130 which I think is quite expencive for about a meter of red fabric + a few meters of coloured fabric tape....

Also communication was slow and it took almost a week for an email to come back to me the moment things got bad....

Final Grade:
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