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Name of Commissioner: AnnAnime


Character commissioned and series/video game: Super Sailor Moon

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline: Originally we agreeded upon $50 for material fees and
such and I sent a money order around December and agreeded to send
the final check for costume around January was $85 and accessories were
were thrown in for free, as the contract was written to say she agreeded to.

Pros: She does a great job on costumes and I chose her based on both
experience in making such a costume and because she and I negotated
a price together and it was very kind of her to go as low as that, I felt
very lucky and blessed and very excited to finally go as a Sailor Senshi.

Cons: Last week after a month and a half insisting she'd have my costume
done BEFORE March was saying she had been very busy getting other
commisions done. Which I can understand but I was the first person to
get priority on my costume done and shipped out. I can understand that
my wig is also delayed but that's from a different comissioner alltogether.

Comments: I can understand how a bad memory can blind a judgement
about time and date, but I wish she would refer to the contract that I
made for her and me to know when I wanted, plus would respond to my
PM's or emails. I still plan on hoping to recieve everything before August
for my next anime convention, and though it sounds like I'm bashing her
here I'm not as I do have great respect and patience for her and I just
hope she can get her comissioner act, as I've been excited for months now.

Final Grade: C+
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