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Costume: Young Yoruichi: Fulll costume (Except captains coat, was made by someone else.)
February 2006 – August 2006

Pros: Lainey from Goddess Boutique has super fast responses, and she tries to keep you updated on what’s going on as best as she can. Also their prices aren't too bad. She seems really nice and serious about her work.

Cons: The whole costume did not fit me. The top which should've had some way to snap around and secure itself to me was just a piece of fabric that flapped around and needed to be pinned shut. In fact the whole costume seemed rushed. It wasn't carefully constructed and because of that we had to alter some parts of the costume (including the hakama) and make the captains coat just to cover the imperfections. Also, I requested to have the costume a few days before the con. She expressed shipped it but I didn't get it till the day of my convention. I ended up not wearing it.

Comments: I had extremely high hopes for this costume but was let down. I'm not sure if I would ever commission from them again. However, I think the mistakes were due to the death in her family which happened around the time my costume was due. I have heard many people had great experiences with them so it may just be my loss this time.

Final Grade: C+
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