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I just wanted to remind people to post bad reviews as well...we don't need a thread full of positive reviews (although it is helpful).

Also, this should be stickied...and/or moved as the commissioners not to go to thread has turned to's basically 60 pages of he said/she said now...this is actually a very helpful thread, and is much "cleaner" than the other mentioned thread.

Sorry for the off-topic post, but I felt it was important

Okay, I'll include another that I'm still pretty pissed about...

Name of Commissioner :

Company Name - Fire N Ice Anime
Individiual Name - Veronica Shockly and/or Ayami Shockly
E-Mail Tags - Glaygirl

Website/ (No longer exists...went down right after I got scammed)

Character commissioned and series/video game:

Shinji Plugsuit - Neon Genesis Evangelion

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

There are none...seeing as I never got the costume...



Describe your Experience:

Lets see...things started off great...communication was fast, and they stayed in talks even after payment was received ($300). Then a week before the due date I was told it was finished and shipped...come due date, I get this...

We have a problem. On Monday it will be resolved. I have been refunded my shipping funds (which I know does you no good). However, my wife went to ship the package for me and normally things go fine and well as she normally is the one to pack and ship all of the costumes and merchandise we sell. However, she claims she told the postal worker that she had not filled out the address label yet (it only had our address pre-printed onto it) but yours was to be written. Well, apparently the postal worker put OUR address on the delivery space as well, I received a pink slip stating I had a package. I was wondering what could have been mailed to me as I am not expecting any shipments in for another 2 weeks. Upon arriving guess what I find .. your package. My wife contacted the office immediatly and they made her fill out some paper work and gave a shipping refund. The package had been mailed out priority but the postal worker had assured us that it would arrive to you in 2 days (before the 5th) they explained to my wife that express would have only saved 1 day, but both would arrive before the deadline.
I am trying to fight for any other reimbursements that can be made for this inconvenience. But I wont be able to find anything out until Monday. Your package will be shipped out again immediately, and I will personally do it.
We can also offer you a 15% discount off of your next cosplay outfit, if you do chose to purchase any other costumes from us. I humbly apologize for this happening. We have always maintained a great reputation with customers and this really leaves a bad reputation from us to you.
I will also have photos of your armor on the website within the next couple days...but hopefully the actual costume itself will be to you before then!

I am deeply sorry
A total BS story...

Final Grade: F

The reason I post this review is so that people will know NOT to deal with this bitch if she ever tries to do commissions again. So please Kanira, in your list, could you include the old site name, her name, and her e-mail tag, it would probably be the most helpful.

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