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Name of Commissioner: Buggirl2002 / The White Peacock (eBay store name)
Character commissioned: Custom EGL Dress (just the dress)
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item (Don't have an actual picture, but it looks just like this.)
Timeline: February 2005 - September 2005
Pros: I can't even find a pro for this child.
Cons: Where do I begin...Uses cheap material. Lies about making custom dresses, everything is done through a manufacture. Just see comments.
Comments: This is another example of an eBay seller with high feedback, but is actually a crook. When I first started getting into EGL dresses I asked emailed her personally to have a custom made EGL dress done by her. I asked that the base dress be the same as the one shown above, however with extra things added to it. A pink bow in the back, a different colored lace around the sleeves and hem of the dress. Also, some other things that I can't remember at this time. The transaction started off nicely. She emailed me back promptly with a nicely priced quote. I paid in full in Feb and was given a bunch of BS after that. In Mar she emailed me asking me to choose between a factory made dress or a hand made dress. Since this was supposed to be custom made I chose hand made. After that I heard nothing from her until I emailed in May asking if my dress was finished she replyed with this:

I should have recieved a sample by now from the
factory I have been working with, but they have not
gotten back to me yet, and it's not like I have not
been nagging them at least twice a week. I have asked
that they get the sample to me by friday or the deal
is off. if they do not comply I can make your costume
by hand over the weekend.
After that I heard nothing from her again. The dress was due in June. I sent numerous emails to her after June asking about the dress. In August a week after my convention I got a package from her of one of her regular dresses that she pimps on eBay. With NONE of the custom adjustments I paid for. On her eBay page she promised the dress are made out of sturdy material (Though she has taken that promise down because many people have sent her complaints.). The dress she sent me was some stretchy, cheap ass fabric. I sent her numerous emails asking for my money back with NO reply back from her. She's still on eBay pimping these cheap dresses and PROMISING people that she can do custom made ones. She's a liar, and a thief. I wouldn't recommend her to my worse enemy.

Final Grade: F
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