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Originally Posted by Asuka BMz View Post
I just wanted to remind people to post bad reviews as well...we don't need a thread full of positive reviews (although it is helpful).

Also, this should be stickied...and/or moved as the commissioners not to go to thread has turned to's basically 60 pages of he said/she said now...this is actually a very helpful thread, and is much "cleaner" than the other mentioned thread.
I agree on both parts! Bad reviews and a sticky. I like to know who to go to as well as who to avoid. Even if you never recieved your item (which I see some people have already posted about) ^_^.

This is actually one of my favorite threads on the board and I enjoy reading about the experiences people have. I recently recieved an outfit from Hunny Lee and will post my experience with her sometime in late May since that's when I'll really get a feel for how well the costume handled
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