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Originally Posted by ReiHari View Post
Hehe, Heya xD I'm curious on how many people are planning on making fursuits, or at least some half-fursuits. (Like Shippo)

I plan to HOPEFULLY make Mayaa (Mountain Cat from Azumanga Daioh) or something close to that, and I think it'd be neat to meet up with some other fursuiters <3

So tell me; Are you gonna fursuit for youma '07?

I'd eventually like to make a quadruped version of one of the wolves from Wolf's Rain (either Toboe or Kiba) or a quadruped Oki from Okami, but no idea if I'm have the time or resources to work on those by Youmacon or not.

When I say quadruped, I mean like Monoyasha's Kilala and StormAkima's Demon Sesshoumaru....made so I could walk around on all fours.

But even if I don't get any of those done I might bring my Shippo. I was going to retire him but he's too much fun to wear, I get too many great reactions from people. ^^
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