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Originally Posted by Animeisha View Post
I'd eventually like to make a quadruped version of one of the wolves from Wolf's Rain (either Toboe or Kiba) or a quadruped Oki from Okami, but no idea if I'm have the time or resources to work on those by Youmacon or not.

When I say quadruped, I mean like Monoyasha's Kilala and StormAkima's Demon Sesshoumaru....made so I could walk around on all fours.

But even if I don't get any of those done I might bring my Shippo. I was going to retire him but he's too much fun to wear, I get too many great reactions from people. ^^

EEP! I would like JUMP ON YOU if I saw you in one of those! XDD though y'know, maybe not JUMP ON, more like respectively pet xD

I've always been fascinated with Quad suits... doesn't it hurt your back to walk around like that all day? X33

But if you can, Go for making those! I'll hug you to death XD And if you're shippo, expect some hugs, because I WILL HUG >3 Shippo= LOVE x3

Good luck on your costumes!

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