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Name of Commissioner: Buggirl2002/The White Peacock on ebay
Website/ gallery: Located on ebay
Character commissioned and series/video game Two personal designs of dresses for me and my daughter for halloween

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: The dresses weren't wearable and when telling my story in the commissioners not to go to thread I took pictures and put comments on them for BOTH dresses. They are as follows:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): I ordered in May and paid in full and they were delivered in THIS CONDITION in October, three days before Halloween. They were supposed to be delivered in August.

Pros: She allowed me to purchase my own fabric and send it in. And up until she got it the communication was GREAT. We talked via email and on AIM all the time. She is an excellent BSer.

Cons:The photos speak for themselves. Not only was she slow but she told me that she wouldn't ever send out something that she wouldn't wear herself. If this is what SHE wears I am prepared to laugh at her repeatedly in person. Even further, I was out well over $150 between fabric, shipping costs, and "labor" on these costumes. (Note, these were supposed to be express shipped to me an she used regular Priority Mail instead in one of the Tyvek envelopes. Even if they had been wearable they would have been HORRIBLY wrinkled as they were when they arrived anyway!) At the time I ordered them, they were supposed to be a mother and daughter set of dresses for Halloween that year and I saved every last dime to pay for them since my schedule was completely full with other things that didn't give me time to make them myself. We didn't have a lot of money back then so I saved for a couple of months to afford the price she quoted and in May I paid in full. Even further, her note that is photographed as well is a prime example of her opinion of her customers. She knew that I could sew and as such sent the costume unfinished expecting ME to pick up the slack for what she didn't do. Even better, when I asked for a refund I was told that I "got a steal" on these dresses and that what she did was "more than enough" for what I paid. What I got was my money taken, some half-assed at best dresses and one that wasn't even close to done. One last thing though that burns me. She claimed that she owned a serger and that all dresses would be finished as such. As the photos show, this was also just another lie by her.

Comments: It wasn't until much later that I found out that she was using a factory to produce her dresses. When I first found her on ebay she only had a couple of dresses up and claimed that she started sewing them because her husband was terminally ill and she had his kids to support. I later found out that that was bull and that she was having them mass produced out of another country to make a much larger profit. She apparently orders in bulk and all "custom orders" are tried to be shoved off on the factory. A bit of digging proved that the factory has a contract with her that allows her to only get so many designs done at once, which means that those "custom orders" are either done by her (badly at that), or she tries to push for them to be factory produced. This woman is a scammer through and through. Initially she "guaranteed" her work, but that guarantee has come down now because of complaints. My only wish is that ebay would pull her account for this. Her feedback is far from true as she admitted to me when we still talked that she had friends shill auctions for her to give her better feedback. Back then she was at around 40 feedback and now she is well into the hundreds. Buyers, go elsewhere if you don't want your money thrown away. Even the factory produced items are bad quality with cheap fabric.

Final Grade: If there was a grade lower than F I would give it.

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