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:: wiggles in :: Heya, I just thought I'd ask here since it seems the best place to ask.
I'm doing Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto, and I got the wig picked out, but being the type of cosplayer I am, I want it the exact color of her hair, which is a deep blueish purpleish blah.
So i'm going to get it and dye it with sharpies, so.. What would be the best color for me to start with? Would a dark/medium brown work better for her dark hair color moreso than a light blonde?
Thankfully it's a short wig, so anything I do to it will be easy... but, what way have you guys decided is the best? the one that doesn't rub off.. :: shudders :: and about how many sharpies would I need to do a whole wig? (sorry for so many questions!~)
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