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Originally Posted by Kanira View Post
Akari Mizunashi and Aika S. Granzchesta, Aria: Full Costumes
Full Body
Full Unworn
Full Back
Front Detail
Back Detail
Hat Detail
Hat Lining
More Front Detail
Aika Packed
Payment sent January 29th, Costume received March 28th
Pros: This is by far the most professionally done costume I have ever owned. My terrible pictures do it NO justice, and they will be updated as soon as possible. Everything from the quality of the fabrics to the assembly has been done with an expert touch; the amazing quality of everything in person is breathtaking. I never had reason to be concerned when working with this commissioner. She is fast, efficient, always in communication, always answering questions immediately and always professional. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who has ever or will ever want to commission a costume; she should unquestionably be the first choice on anyone's list of sellers, and certainly is on mine.
Cons: Nothing, whatsoever. A first for me
Comments: I cannot stress enough how amazing this transaction was. The costume is accurate to the greatest degree physically possible, no shortcuts were taken and there is nothing but the highest quality-everything at work here. She is the first commissioner who has said they will provide progress pictures, and then actually follows through. Her hometown was flooded after I placed my order, and I was still kept up to date and received these TWO amazing costumes within only two months. Simply amazing. With absolutely perfect fit!
Final Grade: A+ to the highest degree <3
Good to hear as I've just commissioned a sephiroth outfit from her her prices seem very resonable
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