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Wow. Just... wow....

Name of Commissioner - nugrosjp

Website/ gallery - this commissioner has got tons of reference shots at
No website that I know of.

Character commissioned and series/video game - I'm not honestly sure. This commissioner's gallery lists it as Ramune costume, no clue other than that. It looked nifty, was cheap, and figured I'd use it as a cheap way to test her skills.

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item -
This pictures don't even pretend to do this justice.

Timeline - Payment sent Feb 19th, Arrived Mar 27th, far earlier than anticipated. This commissioner was QUICK.

Describe your Experience.
Pros - IMHO, cheap. Though I refer to the cost only. The quality was astounding. This commissioner's communication skills were amazing. Shots sent before it was shipped. Methods and skills used that were so good I didn't even know they existed.
Cons - Only one, but it didn't turn out to be a con. Usually I prefer to do business with folks in the USA. This person is not. Part of the reason I started small (though still a full outfit).
Comments -

This may seem like excessive praise, but this commissioner deserves it. The other review of this commissioner here seems to agree.

A minimal of measurements were asked for. It worried me at first, but I've never owned anything which fit better in my life. Fabric was very high quality. Not a loose thread to be found. Normally I'd be against giving someone an A+ for their work, as it seems like an un-detailed review, but there was nothing wrong with this transaction or this costume, and I'm a freak for details and perfection.

I've already started gathering reference shots for two very detailed costumes and my business will be going here if they are not swamped, and they deserve to be. There is another review of this commissioner on here which I quote as "This is by far the most professionally done costume I have ever owned.". I couldn't agree more.

I'll stop going on now, seriously though. Amazing. My jaw hit the floor.

Final Grade: A+
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