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Mai Kirasaki, full costume
Sent Payment 27th of February, Arrived March 31st
Pros: Surprisingly, I like the fabric they chose for the main part of the dress. It hangs rather nicely, and I don't even mind the odd black detailing the put along the hem in place of fading to black. I really like the bow at the back (it was constructed amazingly well) and they really touched on all the smaller details. The color, the leg band, the ruffles, even the detailing down the front (which is not seen in the photos). It's even freakishly short, also accurate with the character design, though not something I personally prefer.
I changed the grade from C to B, because I realized I failed to account for how well it was put together. Because of the smaller flaws I didn't really pay attention to the construction because I was simply expecting excellence, and that was definitely received. The main dress part seems like it could have been professionally constructed, and it definitely an excellently done piece. The gloves and leg band are being redone for an additional $10.

Cons: There is almost NO shape to the actual dress; as can be seen in the third picture, the only form which is made is that which the stiffness of the fabric creates. The picture makes the dress appear to be quite obviously stiff and fitted from the waist up, but the reproduction just hangs there, pooching OUT, making it wearer look pregnant. Not something I was going for.
The arm and the leg covers do not fit. The cloves are INSANELY small, as if made for a child, and give an odd "webbed-finger" appearance. The leg cover is fine until the bottom, where it bunches unnaturally; I could not find a way to fix this, as straightening it out would loosen it. I think it might have been made too long.
The ears are cheap and were painful to wear even for the few minutes I was taking photos. They keep no shape or form, and the "tail" accessory which the character wears behind her head wasn't even included.
Add: I'm holding the bow in the second picture because it wasn't attached; it's supposed to safety pin on...right.
While the gloves and leg band are being redone, the only reason this is neccessary is because measurements for those portions were never requested and they simply guessed when constructing them; had they actually asked these be provided, the extra cost would not have been neccessary.
Comments: Over all, a very interesting outfit. Just for general knowledge, this was NOT an eBay auction purchase, but a custom commission.
Final Grade: B

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