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Name of Commissioner: Cocosilverhk

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series: Kadaj from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Jacket)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Was an auction for a custom-fitted Kadaj costume. Took two weeks to sew and four days to arrive (I paid $10 extra for the quick shipping) after the auction ended.

Pros: Pretty decent communication, though some replies took a few days. I understand she has a normal life outside of making costumes. The sewing is AMAZING, and the details on the front and back of the jacket are just... wow. I was pretty speechless when I got it. So pretty. O_O She actually started working on my costume before the auction ended. ^_^ Also, when you pay for four day shipping, you GET four day shipping. All my measurements were taken into consideration and the jacket fits me perfectly. I can't tell you enough how much I love this costume.

Cons: The inside isn't lined, but I'm pretty sure I would die if it was. Still, the pleather backing irritates my skin and I have to wear a button up long sleeved shirt under the jacket. But this could be blamed on a personal issue. When zipped all the way up, the collar is a little too high and makes it uncomfortable, but I never wear the costume that way (unless I'd dress as Yazoo). The snap on the right shoulder likes to come undone, but the rest of the snaps stay in place and doesn't bother it too much. Also, the wrist pieces are made of wood circles covered in pleather. This makes them AMAZINGLY accurate (to me at least) for the way they appear. Unfortunately, the cosplayer needs to take care because they are at risk for breaking.

Comments: She's my wonderful little secret. ^_^

Final Grade: A+
Ohayocon 2011 - Rider Con!
Shoudai Tokunaga (DGP) - 0%
Deneb (Den-O) - 0%
Ankh (OOO) - 5%
Hiro Kikuchi (Clone Baby) - 10%

Hopper!Yaguruma (Kabuto) - 25%
Ryuunosuke Ikenami (Shinkenger) - 25%
Tsukasa Kadoya (Decade) - 50%
Kazari (OOO) - 80%

Ryoutarou Nogami (Den-O) - 100%
Ura!Ryoutarou Nogami (Den-O) - 100%
Shoutarou Hidari (W) - 100%

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