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***Here is the schedule of cosplay and other events for April 21-22nd at the Super 8 in Norman. Keep in mind these events will not only be anime/game themed, but sci-fi/fantasy as well! There will be something for everyone. ^.~ There are LOTS of great prizes to give away for all the contests, so be sure to enter! Also it is still FREE admission!!!!!***



Noon - Anime Pictionary
1:00 - Iron Cosplay
2:00 - Anime Stop 'N Go
3:00 - Open Mic Karaoke
4:00 - Karaoke Contest
5:00 - Cosplay Contest Lineup
6:00 - Cosplay Contest
8:00 - Setup for Masquerade Ball
9:00 - Masquerade Ball
(Tentatively ending around 2 AM, shutting down at 6 AM)


Noon - Musical Chairs
1:00 - Star Wars Pose Off
2:00 - Voice Off
3:00 - Anime Charades
4:00 - Cosplay Contest
5:00 - Cosplay Contest continues
(shutting down at 6 PM)



2:00 PM - DDR Tournament - Standard
4:00 PM - DDR Tournament - Heavy
Freestyle DDR the rest of the time!


Noon - DDR Tournament - Standard
2:00 PM - DDR Tournament - Heavy
Freestyle DDR afterwards until we close up at 6!



Anime Pictionary

Draw your prompt out of a hat, and test your artistic skills! See how fast someone in the crowd can guess - then it's their turn. Stick around for a chance to win door prizes!

Iron Cosplay

Alright - you've got half an hour, 3 trashbags, a cardboard box, and a roll of duct tape. GO! Make us your best costume! This game will be played in groups with 2 rounds - first round to be judged on similarity to a costume from a given theme, second round to be judged on an improv skit - both based on what you can build from the materials we give you.

Anime Stop 'N Go

This is a fun improv skit game! We give your group several conditions or characters and you act it out!


Sing along with your favorite theme songs or J-pop stars! We advise to bring your favorite songs on CD as our supply will be limited. Open mic is just for fun, but don't be shy to enter the contest too! The contest may be one or two rounds depending on the number of entrants.

Cosplay Contest

Costumes from all genres are welcome - anime, game, sci-fi, fantasy, etc.!! You can perform a skit (please no longer than 3 minutes) or simply walk-on, walk-off to show off your costume. Entrants will be judged on costume construction, overall appearance, and performance or stage presence. Bringing a reference photo of your character is strongly encouraged, but not required. (Just please make sure your costume and performance are PG!)

Masquerade Ball

Put on your best attire and get ready to dance into the night! Decorations will be provided by the wonderful Celia from the original Malice Mizer cosplay group.

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

The home PS2 versions of the game will be projected on a large screen and free for everyone to play! For super dancers, enter either of our contests depending on your skill level.

Star Wars Pose Off

We give you a pose and whoever can do the pose the best wins - this time it's Star Wars themed! No Jedi mind tricks to persuade the judges, though. ^.~

Voice Off

This is for all you fans who dream of being voice actors. Try your hand at dubbing over anime and sci-fi series!

I think everyone knows what charades and musical chairs are, just imagine the spin we'll put on it. =D

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