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Name of Commissioner: QQ Cosplay Website
Character commissioned and series/video game: Matsumoto from Bleach, Shinigami outfit
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: I don't have any yet, as I have to make a new sash, but once I do, I will edit this post.
Timeline: I paid around april 5th, and received it today (April 16th), so VERY fast!
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I ordered some ninja shoes from naruto from them awhile ago, and though it took a long time to get them (they got lost in the mail, and then had someone send me a pair from in the united states), I decided to order from them again. The shipping was very fast, but that was the only thing I was really SUPER-pleased with. The costume is fairly big, much bigger than the measurements I gave them. The neckline on Matsumoto's outfit needs to be able to come lower/be more open than the other shinigami, but they made no effort to make it do that, it's just a generic shinigami outfit, and the way it's constructed, I won't be able to have it open at all unless I use tape & do some sewing on it myself. The sash, which is supposed to be a pink or peach-ish color, is BRIGHT red. The shoes already kind of feel like they're going to fall apart, but maybe that's just my paranoia. A bunch of hay or whatever material they're made out of (lol) DID fall off all around my room while I was just trying to put them on. There seemed to be a lot of loose threads in the costume. Though, it is very comfortable, and it seems to be a good-quality material.
Final Grade: C-
Tsunade ; Naruto
Matsumoto (shinigami & school uniform); Bleach
Reira ; NANA
Risa ; Lovely*Complex
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