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Originally Posted by Asha-Morgan View Post
We were going to go for August or November *shrugs* We are currently thinking about what to do and where to have it. We would like to have it at the coffee club auditorium in the showgrounds, but we fear that may be too expensive ^^;; So any suggestions as to where to have it would be great!
If it's just going to be a Cosplay Ball, with no stalls or anything, a community or sports club hall would work fine for it. Don't go for the middle of the city, to ensure the rent isn't insane... just pick an inner-city suburb that has good public transport, and you should be on a winner!

You've got fine choices like - Albion/Windsor, Morningside/Cannon Hill or Indooroopilly/Toowong, depending on which side of Brisbane you want it.

(There is a really nice table tennis centre in Windsor that rents its hall out - it's a beautiful big place, but I'm not sure what the transport situation is like around it...)

So, that being said, it wouldn't hurt to do some market research to find out where most of your attendees hail from to help with your decision.

My vote is for Northside, but yeah, I'm like one of two cosplaying northsiders, so I'm not expecting it to be this side of town anyway. XD

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