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As a little kid, I was really into Disney. However, as I grew up, I became indifferent towards Disney. However, I played Kingdom Hearts (this game combines Final Fantasy and Disney characters) and now I'm REALLY into Disney. I went to Disneyland last summer and it was AWESOME. I also plan to rewatch every Disney movie (I especially want to see Sleeping Beauty because I don't really remember it.). Oh, and my favorite Disney film is Mulan. ^_^

This fall, I plan to cosplay as Disney Princess Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. She's not an "official" Disney Princess, but in the game, all of the official Disney Princesses are "Princesses of Hearts" and Kairi is one of them, so I decided I would do Kairi in a Princess-style dress. If anyone knows where I can find adult-sized Disney Princess patterns, please PM.

If that plans falls through, I might do Peter Pan. XD Oh, and if anyone wants to make easy Disney costumes, check out this website:

Peter Pan, Aladdin, Daffy Duck, Goofy, Tinker Bell and Mickey should be pretty easy, too.
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