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Originally Posted by .:Mage.Lulu:. View Post
Currently working on nothing due to exams this summer but will be going to JapanEx in July as Alucard from Hellsing and a revengeful Undead Aeris Gainsborough from FFVII

Yes, I AM quoting myself, but with good reasons
Thought I'd edit my post with a new post anyways but it seems that my plans have altered slightly due to the fact that I regrettably won't be able to make this years LondonExpo in October as I'll be away on vacation in America for my 17th Birthday, SO, on that note myself and C.c's own T-ViRus will be teaming up in July for JapanEx with cosplays that I shall keep schecret! >:3 MUAHAHAHA!
(Scrapping what I previously stated about my Alucard and Undead Aeris plans for that particular con ^___^)

As a side note, Is anyone going to MidlandsExpo in September? I haven't heard much interest about that one for cosplayers o_O

No MaTTeR HoW DaRK THe NiGHT... MoRNiNG aLWaYS CoMeS ...
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