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After Anime Matsuri: The Pics, Reviews, Etc Thread

No pics right now, but I should get them up soon. (Or at least the ones that I promised I'd get out to people.) Anybody get pictures of my Honey-chan (Friday night), my Wonderland!Honey-chan, or my sister and I as the twins on Sunday? Thanks!

So... Anime Matsuri. I had high expectations of this con, just from the look of the website and how they were setting up things. I had some reservations regarding how they booked some of the hotel rooms, but it didn't want it to bother me too much.
My MAJOR problem with this con: NO FIRST AID. I was LIVID at the fact that there were no first aid staff on hand for this con. My sister, Goofy, got overheated and felt nauseated, and was in need of first aid. One security guard was nice enough to go and fetch an off-duty paramedic from ANOTHER EVENT. What kind of con, first year or no, doesn't have any kind of first aid? Considering how many people come, and the activities (raves, concerts, etc), it's almost irresponsible to not have first aid.
I had some other problems, like the registration line. It was a little ridiculous. It seemed like pre-reg didn't move, while the on-site registration moved a little faster. Little bit faster.
Another, barely ANY water around the areas. The only water dispensers I saw were in the dealer rooms, and when I did see them, most of the seemed to be empty, waiting to be replaced.
And why did they stop the ascending escalator on the 2nd floor of the convention? They were preventing people from going upstairs, but I didn't understand why. This was around the time of the concerts.
The rest of my complaints are little things, like the Transformers movie trailer playing over and over while in the registration line, and the lack of schedules/maps, etc.

Any fun I had at this con was overshadowed simply by the fact that when someone got hurt, there was no first aid for them on staff. Again, to me, that's irresponsible. I sincerely doubt I'll be returning to this con.
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