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Overall, the con was fun for me, but I totally agree with you about the registration line. >> When my group got there on Friday at about 2 in the afternoon, we were told that everyone, pre-reg and reg, needed to stand in one line and then would spilt at one point. We waited for nearly three hours and most of the time the line wasn't even moving! When we got close enough, we saw the pre-reg line, which had almost no one in it, and jumped to it. ><;;; What is the point in pre-registration if we still had to wait in a long line??

Sorry, but it was a bit annoying. The other problem we had was the lack of schedules. On top of it all, the Awards Breakfast really made all the cosplayers that won really mad. >> Don't even get me started. xD

But even though there were some problems, it was nice for the first year. I think my group and I will be coming back only because it's the only con that we can go all three days and doesn't cost *that* much.

And as for pictures, my friend has them all. >< She will be posting them soon though. <33 Oh, and I was in the Gravitation group on Friday and Misa from Death Note on Saturday..and a little more of Gravi on Sunday. ^_^
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