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From what I was told by a security guard who helped take care of my sister, I don't think Anime Matsuri even called in any kind of medical professionals to have on hand at the event. Like I said, the off-duty paramedic that helped us was at another event that was going on at the convention center.
My group and I didn't prereg, but it seemed like we waited about two hours to get badges.
My sister and her group got there Thursday night and had to wait 2 hours to pick up their pre-reg badges.

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I am not on Anime Matsuri staff. I have debated this on the con I help with. We don't have a First Aid or Medical staff at our con. We call in professionals to handle our emergencies because it is a Liability issue. Conventions can be held liable for what happens to con attendees being treated by "Medical" staffs. It is sometimes a choice between higher event liability insurance rates or a cool guest. We are also in a hotel. Not all convention centers have "Medical" staffs or nurses, please remember that.

How long did you wait to pick up your Pre-Registration? The lack of maps and schedules are unacceptable for any con.
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