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Hokay, here we go. This is my opinion on the con, and I'm going to be totally honest:

*Disorganized. Seriously, me and the other cosplay guests didn't have a CLUE as to what was going on or what all we were really expected to do. Event and panel start times and such kept getting juggled around so that was even MORE confusing!

*Lack of schedules and maps. Having to pay $5 for a programming booklet?! I realize that full-color booklets are not cheap to print, but unless you can give them away to the attendees for free I don't see why it's necessary. Even if you want to continue to do the full-color books, please have stacks of xerox copies of the con map and programming available for people to grab if they need one. ALSO - there were practically no signs - no one knew where such-and-such room was, or even if it was the right room to begin with! I noticed on Saturday some decals had been put up on the plaques outside the rooms, but I think something more noticeable was DEFINITELY needed.

*Shutting the con down in order to get people to go to the concert was a bad idea. Not everyone wants to go to the concerts, they want to continue playing their games, hanging out in the video rooms or doing whatever else!

*The way the two dealer rooms were set up was a tad bit confusing. That middle area being blocked off was really... odd. It was just a minor inconvenience, but it's something that could easily be corrected for next year.

*The Cosplay Contest needs MUCH more in the way of organization and planning. I'll leave it at that.

On a positive note, I want to thank all the staff that helped me and the other cosplay guests out. You guys were very nice and helpful and we all appreciated your hospitality, even though I feel like I may not have had a chance to express it.
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