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sooo. yeah.. anime matsuri... where to start.
lots of things I can skip... b/c everyone else has covered them in abundance....

the main thing that I had the BIGGEST problem with was the general tendency of this con take full and total advantage of any and EVERYONE...

attendees - overcharged not to be able to do much more than wander around the halls not knowing what's going on.. OR pay more to get into rooms, where there STILL wasn't much more going on from what i heard.

vendors - put in hard to find places AND shut down at odd hours.....which for people who make their living, is a HUGE deal. I attended this con mainly to help my friend with her artist alley table... and shutting down an area that in ALL publications was advertised as 24hours... is COMPLETELY unacceptable.. even if it did open back up an hour later. the damage was done and ALL of saturday's crowd had gone back to their rooms. not cool.

cospalyers - b/c we didn't know where to go, or when, or ANYTHING, and were put in a room where hardly any of the attendees could clearly see what was going on, and FORGET about hearing any of the skits. the space was WAY WAY WAY too big. there was so much echo that even sitting right next to the stage, I STILL couldn't decipher what people were saying b/c with no audio it was too quiet, and with audio there was too much echo. how were people supposed to be entertained by an event that most people missed due to it being on FRIDAY, and then couldn't tell what was going on...

guests - put in positions that made them either look incompetent, indifferent, or just plain unorganized... b/c even the guests didn't know where or when their panels were. and then the con didn't even FEED them. that's not cool

volunteers - told to "do their jobs" with out actually giving them information. OR dumping tons of responsibility on them last minute (cosplay director AND the emcee of the show)...

and beyond all of that, there was no water to be found.. anywhere at the con. not even during cosplay..where I think they should expect the most need for water. that and there not beign food easily available. overall RIDICULOUS!

I don't see how they expect to have a next year.. and if they do i will certainly skip it. if i hear it's fixed its problems... then i'll be back for AM3, but i HIGHLY doubt it'll get that far..

BUT I really did manage to have tons of fun dispite the best efforts of the con itself... but only b/c of all the awesome fun and cool people who were there. <3 seriously.. beansalad, yaya, spacie, loserific & co., Split.Image., all the ACDFers... giant <3 !!! ^^ <3 <3 <3
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