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Rocieru - I added your names to the winners' list, and the others that were mentioned as well. I am so sorry that you guys didn't receive your awards before leaving. You guys really looked amazing and we wanted to recognize your efforts. Thank you for being so kind, it was very nice to spazz over Nana for a bit hehehe.
Beansalad - eep I am so sorry I was weird when we met... jet lag and lack of being informed turn people into interesting beings.
Maybe it's a common misconception that cosplay contest judges are part of the organization. Trust me, we are not. We have nothing to do with how a contest is organized. EVER. Judges simply come in and judge the contestants according to the guidelines and rules of a con and contest, which can vary tremendously from event to event.
At Anime Matsuri, all of us judges were terrified that we would not have enough time to craftsmanship-judge all the contestants before the show started, so we were running around like headless chickens trying to give everyone at least a close-up glance. Of course all entries were supposed to come by a table and be craftsmanship-judged, but because the number assigning and other things took a long time, and we had bad lighting at the table, we decided to walk along the line of cosplayers and at least get a brief idea of how the costumes were made.
I apologize if I didn't devote enough time to you, we were seriously desperate and very stressed out, scared that we would not get through all the entries in time.
loserific - thank you for mentioning the website and how it indeed seemed to encourage cosplay O_o... I was wondering about that as well.
After all, they invited 4 cosplay related guests, and we all were excited to really help out with that portion of the event. We were very surprised that 90% of all cosplay related programming was on Friday, a common slow day. Add to that the wait in registration, and it's no wonder all Friday cosplay panels were empty/canceled.
JennyBunny - I'm so sorry no water or food was provided at the contest. That is pretty darn grueling, to stand through all that waiting without any beverage >_<. I was trying to explain to some of the organizers later that weekend how cosplayers can't simply up and go grab food somewhere, if they're in an elaborate costume. Especially if they're stuck in an event either competing or judging ^^;...
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