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Originally Posted by lilypad114 View Post
Name of Commissioner:

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.):
prop commission

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
None - never received

Timeline (how long your order took to process):
Contacted and paid in November of 2006 with a deadline of April 1st. Was in contact a few times between then. I contacted her the day before the deadline and was told that it would not be complete. Asked if she could complete it by mid June, but was informed that she could not.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.
This is a very crappy situation for both myself and the commissioner and I was hesitant to even leave a review, but feel that others should know about my experience. I contacted her in November and worked out all the details. After a few months, I contacted her again for an update and she told me that she had gotten into a bad car accident and was still finishing up some other props. I asked if she would still be able to do my prop and was reassured that she could meet my deadline. Apparently, about 2 weeks or so before the deadline of my item, there was a fire in her apartment complex which caused a bunch of water/smoke damage to her apartment, including to the materials she was going to use to make my item. Now, I'm a pretty understanding person, but was a bit upset that she didn't tell me any of this until the day before I should have received my item and that she hadn't even started construction on it even though the due date was so close. I was also the one that had to contact her to get this info, when I feel it would have been courteous for her to give me a heads up. Given that there was no way I'd have the prop before the con I needed it for, I asked if she could complete it if I gave her an extension till June, but she said she couldn't as she can't afford to rebuy the stuff to make it in enough time to finish it. She did offer to send my some anime/video games/wigs in order to make up for the whole mess and has been very nice about everything. However, I don't really need any of the things she offered and did request a refund. She agreed that I deserved a refund, but doesn't have any money to pay me back with. So basically, I'm stuck waiting around until she's able to pay me back. (though if she doesn't - I know that I can get it back through my credit card company, I would just prefer not to exercise that option). Just a really crappy experience all around, both for me and for her.

Final Grade: really hard to give a grade for this given the circumstances, but as I didn't get my item and found out I wouldn't get it the day before it was supposed to arrive when in reality she could have given me more notice, D

Originally Posted by SiegeRedwolf View Post
In my defense I'd like to add that when I lost my house due to the fire it took me a month or so to get a place I could hook the net up to! I replied to your message as soon as I could!
Everything was so crazy from the fire I couldn't get back to you till so much later. I think your being a bit unfair to say I could have responded sooner. I couldn't! I didn't even have a place to live! The house's roof was going to collapse and I wasn't allowed to stay there so I was staying at family and friends houses. I wasn't really thinking about due dates and whatnot. I lost so much albums my art There was only a tiny bit left. I think its kind of unfair to even review me as this situation is just so horrible! I've done commissions before that went perfectly. btw

And I do intend on paying you back, I wish there was something I could give you. I don't even have money for food! We're barely covering rent.
I know you deserve to be paid back, as I told you before. So there is no reason to go giving me a bad review. Its not like I did it on purpose I did the best I could given the situation. I contacted you when I could. I think a lot of people in my situation wouldn't even have got back to you at all...because really, their screwed. >_< I'm trying on this end. I really am! I'm trying to sell what is left to pay you back, trying to win contests.
I had another commissioner along with you that just let it go, which is the sweetest thing ever. I'm actually trying to force her into taking some anime or something lol.

Again, I'm sorry...I'm really REALLY sorry and I'm doing the best that I possibly can on my end.
I wish you would have just kept this between reason to give me a bad review when I'm trying so hard to get everything back together.
Although it's a bad experience I think it's good to keep both sides up. In the end that is what this thread is about. To find out about a commissioners past experiences, good or bad.

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