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Not to discount anyone else's experience, but I had a great time, mostly due to some fantastic cosplayers. For me, a con is a venue for me to be with friends. Lots of new cosplayers, as well as, familiar faces. Great costumes. It was especially nice getting to see Yaya for the first time in years.

My experience with the Anime Matsuri was very good. Correspondence leading up to the con was prompt and adequately detailed. Honestly, at least as good or better than other cons I've attended. I don't think I could have been treated any better. I'll be back in 2008.

The pros
There was lots of room to take photos.

No hassles or rules on taking photos. Nobody telling us to move etc.

Decent ambient lighting.

Lighting for the events was better than most cons I've attended. Most importantly, there was enough light and it was kind of white and evenly lit. Most other cons keep the lights dimmed until the very last moment then surprise photographers with a whole new set of lights. The first few acts suffer as I try to adjust the camera on the fly.

Breathing room in the dealer's room.

Better lighting for the rave than I've seen at other cons.

Getting to photograph the bands was a nice perk. Wish I had thought to bring my ear plugs. I was pretty close to the speakers.

Elevator access was above average.

I got to eat at Chi's on the way home. :¬j

The Cons
That registration line did look a little long.

Convention center food was slightly pricey (Ushicon 2006 had the best food at the best prices, hands down. No other con has ever come close).

The convention center could be a confusing maze, the architect and designers need to take a lot of blame for that.

Signs would have been helpful and I'll bet there will be signs the next time.

The dealer's room had really weird lighting. I still haven't figure out what was going on there. But that was just a strange quirk.

Next year
I'd encourage everyone to email or PM Anime Matsuri with your thoughts and more importantly solutions.

Event and room signs

I'd like to see the cosplay competition in the auditorium.

It would be great to see that large video display list events, times and rooms, occasionally.
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