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Beansalad - I hope by next year the con will realize the benefit to having cosplay related events, and put them more in the foreground as well as spend more time on preparing them. I think it's great that the con chair herself cosplays.
HanakoWings - lawlz XD yesh I am uber short... it was kind of funny how all three, Space Invader, RikkuX and I, all were told the same by various people throughout the con.
We were given the artist alley tables for our use, but since no one notified us beforehand, we didn't think to bring anything to set up with ^^;. That was really a shame... Space Invader and I decided it would be better to just walk around in costume talking to people instead of sitting behind empty tables T_T.
skypirate - it was such a great pleasure to see you again, after looking at your awesome photos online for so long. That was a real treat and thank you for working so hard all weekend!
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