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The only thing i liked about the con was tht i spend time with my friends and saw old friend online like chisainekocat ^^ for example.
but blah it was unorganized.
Thurs- i went to pick my pre-reg badge and 7pm was the time to pick up badges, and i saw them barely placing the stuff and took them like awhile to have it done. and then they didnt had the cables and no color for the badges so had to wait awhile for them to get the stuff done. not to mention the badge look like a easy way to break instead of the laminated ones i get. I got out of the GRB around 10:30 just to pick up a badge and my friend was going to buy one. oi ><

Fri-Sun Got to hotel and got my room. the hotel staff were nice folks and all and then went to the con. well i got dissapointed in realising that my badge was good for some room and not the ones i wnated to go. then the trasnformers trailer went on and on, sorry i like it but after seeing that trailer all three days i was getting annoyed by it. I was also confused on the runaway contest that was held and i though it be on saturday but yeah confused. ask volunteers to help me find dealers room, non knew where it was until i ask a person who just happen to walk by and told me.
The dealers room was alright, just that i didnt like the part where people were selling cellphones ^^""
my bro got mad and dissapointed that he couldnt go to the gameroom without a waistband. so we spend mostly in the room watching movies or playDS people. we did however roam around the con just wasn;t like i expect or least heard from my friends who go to Pz all the time.

This was more of PZ time and Game place then an actual con.
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