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I loved going with friends to the "House of Guys" and being inside a karaoke room (even if they did just play a lot of the guest bands videos....-_- ). It was cool playing hide and seek Saturday night....until the security yelled at us for not having badges on while walking around..... (during the concert, when no one was at the con anymore....) and I'm glad I finally found someone to be my Namine. ^-^ (it's dangerous to cosplay Roxas with just an Axel, so I've

there were MANY problems, but that's what venting on little online journals is for. Here, I will just say it was really great to see everyone and I DID have fun- even if I did pay $40 to play hide and seek and make plans for OTHER conventions and cosplay picnics. On the up side, our next cons and picnics are nice and organized now......-_-;;;

Also, this con and others are making me look forward to A-kon. lol. How abnormal.
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