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I've tried almost everything, haha, so I'm on Accutane now, and as someone said before, it REALLY helps. I've only been on it for 2 weeks, and already my face has decreased in oil production by like a ton! Now, it takes a few more weeks to see the acne itself dissapear, but I have hooope~ The only side effect I have so far is *really* dry lips... So lip balm is a must, like everyday. I have this... and I'm on 'the pill', which I've been told will help as well, so I expect my acne to be thoroughly nuked in the next few months.

And concealing acne. Use foundation! And if the foundation rubs off easy I've been told to put powder on top to help it 'set'. (I dunno, my aunt used to be a photography make-up person). But there was similar and good advice on foundation and stuff said already, lol.

Everyone's different with this kinda stuff, lol, so try different stuff, and if all else fails, go for Accutane. Though I will admit it's a long and annoying process trying out tons of different products when alot of them do nothing...

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