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Exclamation Archer Bow Tutorial ((and arrows))

Ok I found a couple of people asking how to make an archer bow for their cosplay. So here is a simple tutorial to help you guys out. I will add pics as soon as I can get some XD

Materials needed:
String (No yarn it will not work)
A piece of wood that can bend (you can buy it at your closest homedepot just ask for assistance thats what I did)
Paint (optionla its only if you want to paint it)
Super glue or hot glue

1. Gather your materials XD

2. If you are going to paint it I suggest you do it now before you continue. Don't forget to let it dry XD

3. Tie the string on both ends of the bow tight enough to make it bend to your length. But don't bend to too much it will break under too much stress.

4. Take the Super glue or Hot glue and put some of it on the string for extra support to keep it there.

5. Clap because you're done!

Sorry, the bow is NOT FUNCTIONAL. I can put a tutorial up for a functional one BUT cons won't let you bring it in. Only non-functional ones can.


Okay time to make the arrows! XD
Thin wodden poles ((You can buy it at your nearest Michaels))
Feathers or paper. ((I prefer feathers for a cool look))
Super glue or Hot Glue
Wonderflex (Or plastic I suggest wonderflex though))

1. Again, gather your materials.

2. Paint before you continue please.

3. Super glue or hot glue the feathers onto one side of the arrow.

4. Let it dry.

5. Form your wonderflex (of course after heating it) or cut your plastic (w/e you use) to a point ^ taht looks like an upside down V.

6. Hot glue or Super glue it onto the other side of the bow.

7. Clap because you are done!

I hope this helped you guys out atleast a little bit. ^^
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