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Originally Posted by CaptainMullet View Post
We may have our board now but that dont stop the fact that i seem to be the only scottish cosplayer!!!!! It's bluddy annoying so if anyone finds a Scot tell them to look for Captain Mullet mkay?
Well if you look a few posts above yours...
Originally Posted by Angelphie View Post
I'm one of the few Scottish cosplayers on the site XD (living in Glasgow to be more precise)
These are the other Scots I know of who have an account here: summoner_eilidh, Lulu-Hecate, Final Error, Avis Rapax, TRiPPY, Caz-chan and Katsuya

Of course there could well be more I don't know about! Besides, there are definitely plenty other Scottish cosplayers; just not many are on this site

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