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Posts: 6 is a really good tutorial on how to make a functional bow. It's a guide that would usually be for someone who was making a bow in the wildreness or from raw materials so some of the steps can be skipped with a quick trip to your local hardware shop. Also if you don't want the bow to be functional you can also follow this tutorial, you just dont' need to be as serious, eg. the bow could have knots in the wood, the arrows could be longer/shorter, you could string it with whatever string you want.

When making the fletching(arrows) if you use a wooden dowel get a few feathers from a craft store also. Cut half of the soft part of each of the feathers off, so now you have the other half which is the soft part still attached to the hard "stem". Now take some tool and carve out slots in your dowel, fill that with glue, and stick the "stem" into the the slot with the glue. It will hold and all you'll be able to see is the soft part of the feather. Do this on 3 sides. It looks great.
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