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Just wondering if the rule page needs to be updated since your post clearly states no pictures in signatures, but the rule page you linked us to says:

"Forum Signatures

1. Only one image per signature (several very small images are allowed in lieu of one larger image), not to be larger than 30K in size or about the size of a normal banner. We reserve the right to delete any images in sigs which exceed this limit. Many surfers are on dialup connections, and when a page is full of images the page will often take forever to load.

2. You are more than welcome to advertise your own site in your sig as long as it doesn't go overboard. By this we mean don't put it in huge letters screaming "visit my site!" . . a simple text link or banner will usually do and won't make it look like you're here to solely spam your site.

3. UPDATE: Sigs are hard-coded to only show the first 130 pixels down, and 500 pixels wide. Anything more will not show.."
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