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Payment sent around the beginning of April, arrived May 12th
Pros: Another brilliantly constructed commission The details she touched upon are stunning; the symbols on the front and back are both excquisitely accurate, the gloves alone are quite possibly the most amazing cosplay-accessory I own, the material is thick and very, very high quality, everything is simply beautiful. It feels proffessionally made, almost manufactured but at a far higher level, and everything from the proportions to the colors are EXACTLY true to character.
Cons: A few problems this time which I didn't have last time with this commissioner. The dress itself seems almost two sizes too large; the pictures show how it looks with three safety pins holding it together in the back, which is why there are no views from behind, but it's pretty clear the neckline and sleeves are slightly too large. I'm not sure where the misinterpretation here came from since the same measurements from my last order with this commissioner were used, and that one fit perfectly. The hat is also the wrong shape, but fits perfect. The white strip down the back of the dress, according to the reference images, is supposed to go all the way up the length of the back, but the dress I was provided has the blue making an arch over the white--the only detail she missed.
Comments: She has excellent communication, far better than anyone I've ever worked with, and works amazingly fast considering her popularity. I find myself wishing to elaborate on how absolutely excellent the gloves turned out; I could not possibly be happier with them or the dress itself, really, though it would be nice if it was fitted better. This is quite likely an effect of commissioning over the internet rather than in person, however, so hardly the true fault of the commissioner; only so much accuracy can be expected from a dress form. There is no physically possible way to emphasize the quality of this outfit, and I recommend her to anyone and everyone with the utmost confidence.
Final Grade: A

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