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The Making of Anti-Form Sora


Look here at this guide to get to what you're looking for!

Post1: For generic Sora comments
Post2: To make a Sora wig...
Post3: Big Sora Shoes
Post4: Glowy eyes and smoke!
Post5: Materials (Makeup, straps, gloves, and Zipppers)

To see all of the pictures with little descriptions, visit:
U-E's Flickr Gallery

For my set of Finished Anti-Form Sora pictures, go here:
Sora Costume Page


I'll use this space to talk a little bit about why I chose this costume and my experiences in it.

So we made it to Acen 2007, despite not having a car, getting sick, and loosing costume pieces. I decided that I did, after all, want to enter the masquerade, and received a lovely trophy entitling me 'Costume Master' as a reward.
Well, probably because there were 'Costume Novice' and 'Costume Journeyman' awards, too, but I like the sound of 'Costume Master.' Sounds like I should be throwing around a red and white ball and shouting 'Anti-Sora, I chose you!'

When looking back on it, neither U-E nor I can remember why we decided to suddenly do Sora and Riku costumes. As I have frequently stated online, I am mostly in loathing of Sora, and U-E swears to have no claim to the idea. We just sort of looked down one day and realized that there was a pair of Riku pants floating around the room, and that I had a Sora jacket done, and...
well, one thing led to another.

I found I rather ENJOYED running around creepily like Anti Sora, because it's my favorite of Sora's forms. Personally, if Sora got stuck in it one day, I'd be right pleased and go 'Serves you right, Sora. That's what you get for murdering people that were just trying to build their home.'
It was simple to stay in character because of the mask(one never knows when I was grinning under there), and thankfully nothing on the outfit was exceedingly uncomfortable. The shoes were even easy to walk in. ^.^

Could I see? A little. Yui was nice enough to wear Riku around to lead me, and keep congoers from bumping into me. I could breathe, too, which was a big shock to me as I expected it was going to be difficult.

I think, if there were one thing I'd like to change, I'd like to edit the pants, because they just aren't 'poofy' enough. Before I wear Sora again, there is probably going to be a re-vamp.

Many thanks to our good friend Ayaka, for the photoshoot. It turned out stellar. ^.^ Thanks also to Yui for the other wonderful pictures that I've used. It means a lot to me.

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