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Hi all. I too am heading down to Manifest this year. Horrah for being a convention n00b XP. I'm not sure if I'll enter the cosplay competition though.

But my cosplays are:
Ball - Rean - Suikogaiden [With a beautiful Sierra ^_^]
Friday - Sha - Dream of Doll [Wish I could get a Shall!]
Saturday - Gizel [or Euram] - Suikoden V [Got a big Suiko Group going ]
Sunday - Prince Clovis Le Britannia - Code Geass [I'm a loner in a group of Numbers and a hypocrite!]

So mmyesh. They are my ideas that I hope I can get ready in time. I'll most likely be hanging with SeishinKibou so if you see her, you'll see me. ^_^
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