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Originally Posted by Windy Skies View Post
So far I've read on the internet that the real way to get rid of scarring is to get laser, but I'm hoping that there's less expensive yet effective alternative to this. Anyway, anyone have hope?
The question here is: do you have scarring or discoloration?

If you have scarring (pockmarks, dents in the skin), your only real option is laser.

If you just have colored spots on your face (discoloration) then you can use some creams. My dermatologist gave me a cream that has helped me, but it was $150 (luckily, the tube has lasted me for a long time). If you send me a pm, I can tell you the product I have, and you can check with your dermatologist to see if you can get it (it's only available to dermatologists). It's a great help to me, because my skin is really fair and it takes several YEARS for spots from a breakout to fully fade away.
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