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Arin/Arrin's nameless bird of Sukatto Golf/Pangya/Albatross 18
Payment sent April 10th, Received May 21st
Pros: Amazingly fantastic. I had concern about the color and the size which I shared with her, because there is an official release of this character in plushie form already but even the manufacturer had inaccurate coloring and size. The faux-fur-fabric she chose was stunningly perfect; I cannot emphasize this enough, I did not know such a close relation in color and texture to the actual character existed. Construction-wise, it is absolutely beautiful. Everthing is expertly done, you'd swear THIS was the official release of the bird rather than what is on the website. He's super-soft and she even took pains to weigh the bottom portion with plushie-beads (the rest of him is pure fluff) so he remains upright.
Cons: He loses his shape rather easily, but this is simple to overcome through simple attentiveness; he's like fluffy playdoh!
Comments: I got the impression that I was her first custom-order, and I cannot possibly illustrate how wonderful she was to work with. She kept in constant communication, was professional and at the same time kind and flexible with my concerns; even going back after he was completed a first time to make some changes I asked for! There was NO period of waiting for her responses, and NEVER a time I was uncomfortable or uncertain about working with her. I highly, HIGHLY recommend her to everyone or anyone with a plushie concern, no matter how big or small. She DOES accept custom work, and I know of no one better to trust with plushie commissions.
Final Grade: A+

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