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Originally Posted by princessblade View Post
Has anyone ever bought a wig from the eBay seller CosplayWig?

While the feedback percentage is 100% (based on 2000+ reviews), I'd much rather have actual feedback from cosplayers...perhaps with pictures of their wigs. Thanks!
I have ^^ Quite successfully. I do not have pictures of the wig itself because the costume has been put on hold, and I do not want to risk damage to the wig while in storage; it's never been removed from its netting and bag.
But! What I purchased was a pink version of THIS
And can attest that the prices they offer are EXCELLENT, the shipping time is quite respectable and the quality seems very, very nice; it's spent about three or four months being rolled around in its bag so far, and not a sign of fuzziness or tangling.

Like everything, you do have to determine what would be worth paying for and what wouldn't. I can attest their pictures are their own, not lifted, but would not recommend this Sora wig to anyone, while I strongly stand by the extensions and short hair styles they offer in accordance to my own experience ^^
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