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Originally Posted by princessblade View Post
Has anyone ever bought a wig from the eBay seller CosplayWig?

While the feedback percentage is 100% (based on 2000+ reviews), I'd much rather have actual feedback from cosplayers...perhaps with pictures of their wigs. Thanks!
Actually, I have, but I didn't post it here because it wasn't really a commission. Might as well, since you asked.

I bought two wigs from them, one was a rare light blue color and the other was a curly blonde wig. I only have the curly one pictured: (You can see the frizz in the pic)

Pros: Both are extremely rare styles so I was really happy to get them.

Cons: When brushing the blue wig a lot of fibers would fall off. As for the curly wig, the style was slightly smooshed they way the packaged it. The curls became really frizzy after just one wear.

Comments: All in all, stay away from "pre-styled" wigs. Chinese sellers tend to spend as little as possible on packaging so you may end with a ruined wig.

Grade: B. These things tend to be a hit or miss.

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