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Name of Commissioner: Nugrosjp
Character Commissioned: Byakko from Yami no Matsuei
Timeline: A little under 2 months. It was shipped on the 23th and arrived today on the 29th.
Pictures of you in the costume: I will post this when I get it in the mail and try it on for the first time. <3333

Pros: This was probably the MOST professional commission I have ever asked for. :3 I must admit though, I am not one for patience though he/she had patience with me. <3 She was a bit slow with email, but then again, she's half a world away. She took every measurement and took my input into everything and even when I had her change the sleeves, she did. She has been super helpful and the best comissioner I could have ever gone to.
EDIT: Everything came today [May 29th] 2 weeks ahead of my deadline since I did ask for it to be upped. Everything also came to me very professionally shipped and wrapped each part of the costume individually and ironed it.
Cons: I only have a few.
1. It's too tight around the arm. WAY too tight. It's hard to move, but it's just going to be that way until I break it in and the thread gets moved around and I get more comfortable.
2. Too tight around the neck. It's nearly choking me. ^^;;
3. Tight across the back. But that is EASILY fixable and will move and settle once I break it in more.
I can't really find any that weren't my fault do to a misunderstanding on my behalf. XD

Comments: I have been looking at pictures of my comission since they were availiable, and I absolutely love it. Thanks again, sweetie! You rock! I will comission from you again!!
EDIT: YOU ROCK! You're the first comissioner I have ever had that ACTUALLY made it so the pants weren't tight across my thighs and front. <3

Final Grade: A+. I can overlook minor issues because they're... well.. Minor and they don't take away from the overall beauty and craftsmanship of this costume. <3

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