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Originally Posted by Caloris View Post
I'm confused as to why Armageddon is even coming into Australia, even more so with it being Sydney. Armageddon and Supanova have an agreement to split the costs of guests. The guests fly out to Sydney or Brisbane from North America two or three days before the Supanova, then go on to New Zealand for Armageddon the following week then fly home from New Zealand after Armageddon.

If Armageddon is moving into Australia, then costs are going to have to go up for Armageddon. If itís even worse and that cost splitting agreement is dead, then both conventions are either going to have to increase costs or cut the amount of guests. Neither of which is a good thing for the convention.
I'm also wondering why Armageddon is trying to export itself when it's not exactly high quality (and has progressively degraded, all the fun to be had was with other cosplayers than anything Armageddon was really doing).
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