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Name of Commissioner: Amethyst Angel

Website/ gallery:

Characters: Franziska von Karma (Phoenix Wright 2) & Kunoichi (Samurai Warriors)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: I don't have them. Probably later. Later than I need it by. -_-

Timeline: For Kunoichi, I ordered somewhere in Fall or Winter 06. I was stupid and never sent her measurements, however I did pay for half of it on Oct 9th, as her policy is you pay her half upfront, then half when it is finished.

Franziska's half was paid for on Feb 20th, same time I sent measurement info and such.

Due date was May 20th. Today is May 24th. Fanime, the next con I'm going to, is tomorrow.

Nice in emails, awesome gallery, has a very good reputation. Did email me occasionally before the due date for specific details. Very detail oriented and I liked that she caught things I didn't. Besides, I often shot her emails and she shot some back, about little details of the costume, what I wanted, if it was possible.

Cons: Again, this is where it goes downhill. Communication was pretty good, but she takes a while to answer emails. She is a busy lady, I understand. But. Due date was missed completely. If she had told me before this, then I would have breathed a little easier. After all, my next con is Fanime, May 25th. I was supposed to get progress shots in the beginning April, but they never came. I didn't mind, since after all, the due date was a month away. And I read her public livejournal that she was behind. Alright. Still time to catch up, and my date was a month away. Nothing to worry about, right?

A month comes and goes, and I'm starting to get worried. It's the beginning of May and she asks me a few questions about some more details. I send them back. I get progress shots of Franziska on May 17th. Cool. I mean, Fanime's on May 25th. Still plenty of time to finish up whatever she needs to do and send me the costumes, right? Oh wait... what about Kunoichi?

Turns out she hadn't even started or it sounded like she didn't. After all, why send me pictures of Franziska and not Kunoichi? Well, whatever the reason was, the point was that Kunoichi progress shots were not sent. I was worried. It was May 16th. :3 She emailed again on May 18th, wtih some more progress shots of Franziska and to ask me my opinion on the material for Kunoichi's black fabric mesh, and I emailed back on the same day (May 18th).

I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt of keeping on time. After all, I still had a few days left, right? Right?

May 20th (Sunday) came and gone. I was paranoid. I emailed her to send me the costumes ASAP, on May 21st (Monday). I emailed her that day, (12:37am) to tell her that my con date was approaching fast and the last day I could have it in my hands was May 24th (today) and asking her to overnight mail the costumes, hoping they were finished. She emailed me back the next day (May 22), however, responding to the previous email about Kunoichi (the email sent on May 18th) and saying she needed my foot size asap. Fine. Shot her that once I got the email.

Again, I assumed she had already read the email I sent her on Monday. So I prayed she was sending me my costumes soon.

It's Thursday afternoon, after mail collecting so I'm pretty sure I'm not getting the costumes today. Since I have a final tomorrow, I won't make it to Fanime until the afternoon. I'm deciding to stay to wait and see if she airmailed the costumes today, and not get to Fanime Day 1 until it's nighttime.

I emailed her again asking whether she sent it or not, and I even paid her the last half for the costumes. I just want to know if she sent it or not so I don't have to wait around for NOTHING and not have to skip out on the Friday of the con.

I wanted my first commissioned cosplays to be top quality, and she made such beautiful props, I had to get a costume from her, even if she were pricy. At times, I wish she answered her email faster, but I know how busy she can be. But at times like this, when my deadline is missed, I've paid her full price giving her the benefit of the doubt hoping she airmailed my costumes.

I would like an email at least telling me, "No I won't make it on time" or "Yes I've shipped it but you won't get it until _____" at least. I'm very disappointed and paranoid, because now I'm still hoping. I just want a definite answer so I don't waste my time anymore.

Final Grade: F. Because of her, I am missing part of a con (unless she emails me back telling me she express overnight mailed it yesterday which I doubt; if she mailed it today with the requested mailing, I'll still be getting it Friday AFTERNOON). Cosplaying is my favorite part of a con. So I'll sacrifice part of a day to see if she sent the costumes the way I asked. At first, I thought she'd make it on time. But now, even if the costume came tomorrow, there's no point. She missed her deadline, and it would be nice if she would answer her emails more, especially with customers with missed deadlines.

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